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We grow and produce  two types of Extra Virgin Olive Oils: Olivottoil and Olivottoil Wild, they are all 100% hand-made by the Olivotto family in Salento South Italy. They are made available directly to end customers through selected Amazon marketplaces. The unique aspects of Olivottoil are Purity, Health and Taste. Olivottoil is an award winner. The New York World Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC), the most important global Olive Oil competition, awarded Olivottoil the GOLD AWARD in 2017, 2018, and SILVER AWARD in 2020, 2021 and 2022.


  • Healthy: Antioxidants Rich (EFSA/EU); High Tocopherols (Vit. E); Polyphenols; High Oleic Acid (FDA/USA)
  • Pure: Zero pesticides - Certified by Chemiservice Lab analysis
  • Fresh: 2022/2023 harvest campaign”. Early Harvest olives only - Oct-2022
  • Quality: Chemical / Physical parameters exceed International Olive Council standards for EVOO
  • Green: Hand made - the Production of 1 liter of Olivottoil captures 8.5 kg of CO2

  • Sensory profile:
Smell: light fruity olive ripeness with delicate hints herbal / floral.
Taste: fruity, clean just-ripe olives and herbs with floral amplitudes. Recall, in closing, to fresh artichoke and chicory sweet. Intensity gradually light to medium / light. First impact of mild sweetness with the bitter takeover / spicy aromatic carefully
measured under overall. Very slight residual astringency. Excellent persistence and complexity.

  • Chemical and physical profile:
Free fatty Acid: 0.28% (limit Value 0.8%)
Peroxide value: 8.76 (limit value 20)

  • Health profile:
Total Polyphenols 292.76 (mg/kg)
Tocopherlos (Vit.E): 649.34 (mg/kg)
Oleic Acid: 70.86%

  • Multiresidual profile:
Zero Pesticides Certified

  • Packaging:
Bottle shaped tin 750ml
Olivottoil Wild

  • Sensory profile:
SMELL: ripe fruity olive oil with aromas of Mediterranean herbs dehydrated.
TASTE: fruity consistent with the intensity and its olfactory. First impact and medium sweet takeover of the bitter intensity low / medium rapidly evolving (short-lived). Good length and complexity.

  • Chemical and physical profile:
Free fatty Acid: 0.45%   (limit Value 0.8%)
Peroxide value: 9.01        (limit value 20)

  • Health profile:
  Total Polyphenols 413.93 (mg/kg)
  Tocopherlos (Vit.E): 564.58 (mg/kg)
  Oleic Acid: 73.84%

  • Multiresidual profile:
Zero Pesticides Certified

  • Packaging:
Bottle shaped tin 750ml

Ogliarolo Spidergram

Key features of Olivottoil Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

  • POLYPHENOLS - contains more than 250mg/L of phenolic compounds called Polyphenols, as prescribed by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). It authorizes Olivottoil to be labelled as having antioxidant properties. The daily intake of high phenolic olive oil contributes to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress.
  • TOCOPHEROLS (Vit E) Healthy Parameter. EFSA has defined a minimum limit of 120mg / kg to allow this claim. Once you reach this limit with the recommended daily amount of oil (at least one spoon a day) you get the daily requirement of Vitamins E, which is the most powerful non-enzymatic antioxidant on the planet.
  • TURN OFF INFLAMMATION - Chronic degenerative diseases and Autoimmune diseases are triggered by long-lasting chronic inflammation which generates free radicals in our body. There are two ways to cure them - avoid inflammation or turn off inflammation. Olivottoil is a super-food rich in Antioxidants which turn off inflammation.
  • ZERO PESTICIDES. Multi-residual analysis is available for each batch of oil and shows that maximum residual levels of pesticides (MRL) is zero or, below the limits set by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for organic foods (<0.03 parts per million). The Chemiservice lab analysis we use, tests for more than 300 different toxic molecules.
  • EARLY HARVEST CAMPAIGN 2022/2023. Freshly made solely from olives harvested in Oct 2022. It is cold pressed and produced to exacting standards using sustainable farming methods
  • CHEMICAL-PHYSICAL Olive oil parameters are Free Fatty Acids and Peroxides. To be classified as EVOO the limit for Free Fatty Acids is 0.8%, and for Peroxides is 20%. Olivottoil consistently exceeds the EVOO standards set by the International Olive Oil Committee (NYIOOC).
  • SENSORY PROFILE. EVOO is tasted by a minimum of 8 Experts, managed by a Head Panel Tester or Super Expert. The three positive aspects tested are: Fruity, Bitter and Pungent. The negative aspect is mainly rancid. To be legally classified as EVOO, the oil must have Zero defects and the median of Fruity greater than Zero, Light must be less than 3, Medium between 3 and 6, and Intense over 6.
  • SUSTAINABILITY. Olivottoil is an artisan Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It conforms to the sustainability criteria defined by Italy at COP212 in 2016 - the production of 1 liter of oil generates 1.5kg of CO2-Eq. The olive and the leaves used to produce 1 liter offsets 10 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere, leaving a positive balance of 8.5 kg CO2. In Packaging criteria - the tins are light weight steel: “Metal recycles forever” ; Labels are paper; Cartons are from recycled paper. Transport used is ocean freight or trucks with 1 wooden pallet at maximum load per year. The Olive mill is less than 8 km from the olive groves and the packaging is handmade.
  • AWARD WINNER - NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition 2017/ 2018 / 2020 /2021/2022. In 2018 Olivottoil Manhattan special edition won the GOLD AWARD at the New York World Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC). It was the second year in a row. In 2020 and 2022 Olivottoil Wild (Ogliarolo) and in 2021 Olivottoil (Cellino) , both full production editions, received SILVER AWARD at the NYIOOC Competition.
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