Cosmetics - Olivottoil

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There are two factors that make the extra-virgin olive oil the ideal product for cosmetics:

1. Oleic Triglycerides
2. The unsaponifiable molecules

Thanks to Oleic Triglyceride, the extra-virgin olive oil is used as a skin protective agent and as an ingredient in high quality cosmetic preparations, particularly those designed for the body, because it combines the emollient (softens the skin), to the nutritious (goes to replenish the skin's sebum), anti-dehydration (prevents water loss from the skin) to the protection (keeps the corneocytes, and makes the skin more resistant), the antioxidant.
The unsaponifiable molecules promote enzyme activity of cells producing collagen and elastin cells called fibroblasts.
Fibroblasts may be defined as the cells of beauty.
In practice the unsaponifiable matter stimulate fibroblasts to produce soluble collagen, typical of the youthful skin, compared to insoluble collagen which is characteristic of mature skins.Since Dermatology began using them to treat allergic and Atopic Dermatitis, eczema and gingivitis, with excellent results in dermatological tests on humans.
The cosmetics, high-profile scientific one, has started to use the unsaponifiable matter in the treatment of mature skin, dry and sensitive due to their revitalizing, anti-wrinkle, bio-stimulating, antioxidant and skin repairing
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